Polyamory educator and comic book aficionado Kevin Patterson joins Artgasm to talk Black Panther, Get Out, Black masculinity, and his deep love for the X-Men.


The Oppression and Privilege of Polyamory | Race and Polyamory | Being a Sports Nerd | Masculinity and Open Relationships | Being a “Blerd” | Gatekeeping Fandom | Black Masculinity on Film | Black Dystopia vs. Black Utopia | Afrofuturism | Beefs with Characters Who Don’t Kill | The Problem with Single Readings on Subjects | Flawed Blackness vs Black Perfection | X-Men As Family | Superheroes with a Social Message | Ryan Coogler’s Repertoire | When Superhero Movies Go Deeper | Fruitvale Station |  Non-Toxic Masculinity in the MCU | Erik Stevens as Batman | Being a Black man with white partners | The Evil Genius of the Get Out Villain | Escalation of Microaggressions | Afrofuturism | NK Jemison & Nnedi Okorafor & Janelle Monae

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Poly Role Models on Tumblr: http://polyrolemodels.tumblr.com/

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Love’s Not Colorblind: http://a.co/g94g7PW

Notes from the opening:

The Story of Emmett Till: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emmett_Till

A Portrait of Artist Dana Schutz’s Son Reframes Issues of Consent and Appropriation 


Censorship, Not the Painting, Must Go: On Dana Schutz’s Image of Emmett Till


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